Top 10 Attractions for Australia

Sydney Opera House


The world’s most famous and iconic Sydney Opera House shaped like huge shells is a magnificent sight. Often referred to as Australia’s masterpiece for performing arts, this astounding building is a popular tourist attraction. Every year more than 8 million people from all over the world visit this popular tourist attraction. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is the most photographed sights in the Sydney Opera House.

Great Barrier Reef


Australia’s Great Barrier Reef located in Queensland is listed as one of the seven living wonders of the world. 2300 km in length, the ecosystem is a home to countless species of fish, sharks, dolphins, turtles, molluscs and several other living organisms. You can plunder into the deep and enjoy the marvellous and colourful underwater life  as you enjoying diving and snorkelling at the Great Barrier.

Sydney Harbour Bridge


Australia’s impressive Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of the most photographed sights. As you walk down the bridge, you can experience a panoramic view of the city as well as the harbour. Enjoy the glorious sunset as you stand at the top of the bridge or take a helicopter tour for a stunning aerial view.

Uluru/ Ayers Rock


An enchanting and enjoyable tourist spot is the Ayers Rock, the largest sandstone formation which is 340 metres high and was created 600 million years ago.  For travellers, watching the rock change colours is the most fascinating sight. At sunset this looks the most prettiest as it manifests several hues.

Kakadu National Park


Kakadu has been home to aboriginals and is the largest National Park in Australia. It boasts of intense cultural heritage that dates back to the ancient times. Rich in diverse flora and a variety of ecosystem, the Kakadu National Park is a captivating scenic view for tourists.

Whitsunday Island


For nature lovers the Whitsunday Island is a feast to the eyes. The island comprises of 74 small island wonders and lies close to the majestic Great Barrier Reef. Numerous beaches, resorts, scenic cruises and yachting , coastal landscapes, exciting watersports and tours makes it ideal for a perfect getaway.

Permululu National Park


A fascinating heritage attraction which resembles a giant beehive sandstone, is situated in Austalia’s Purnululu National Park. This stunning structure encompasses ancient rock art, wildlife and gorges. An eye catchy view is the unique orange, grey and black stripes on the rocks due to bands of sediments formed on it.

Great Ocean Road


Australia’s most splendid scenic drive is the Great Ocean Road in Victoria.  For those seeking an adventurous journey, the drive takes you close to native wildlife, rainforests, waterfalls, museums and heritage attractions. The most majestic tourist landmark is the 12 disciples, a collection of limestone stacks rising above the shore which resemble the disciples.

Fraser Island


The Fraser Island situated along the coast of Queensland is the world’s largest sand island. This incredible ecosystem stretches over 123 km and includes cruises, diving and snorkelling. The rocky outcrop on the island, called the indian head and the Cathedral cliff are the most breathtaking sights.

Blue Mountains National Park


Located in South Wales, the Blue Mountains National Park is a scenic spot for daytime sightseeing.

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